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Academic Writing

Welcome to my academic writing showcase, where words become windows into the boundless world of knowledge. While at Pittsburg State University I was tasked with several projects and academic papers. As a writer fueled by curiosity and critical thinking, I unravel complexity with clarity, engaging readers on enlightening journeys through a symphony of words and ideas.

Credibility is paramount—I diligently research, drawing from reputable sources and expert insights, to empower readers with accurate information. From persuasive essays to research papers, each piece sparks curiosity and fosters meaningful discussions.

Embark on this voyage of discovery with me. Explore a diverse array of topics that reflect my passion for unearthing the world's mysteries and sharing them through the art of academic writing.

Thank you for joining me on this intellectual odyssey. Let's celebrate the power of academia and the beauty of profound ideas together.

Small Group Term Project

For this research project, my team investigated the PSU Recreation Center’s attire policy and how problematic it was. In the Term Project paper, I wrote the Intro and Problem Areas/Research/Analysis sections. In the Observation Project Paper portion, I wrote the Roles and Fantasy Chains sections along with the Post Meeting Reports page as well.

Critical Thinking/Analysis Paper

For this research assignment, I was able to dive deep into one of my passions, sports, and its influence on modern-day media. 

Theory Paper

This paper I was able to test the research skills I had learned thus far on the topic of the Communication Accommodation Theory.

Historical Time Travel Defense Paper

Given the choice between traveling back in time to either the “Golden Age of Greece” or the reign of the Roman Empire which one would you choose? This paper was an enjoyable topic to explore and I was able to use the knowledge and passion for history to better expand my research.

Impact of a Pandemic at a Time of War

I was tasked with researching a former PSU student who had served in WWII and relating it to major events happening during that time. This was an incredibly hard project that took several months to properly research and complete. Beginning with only a name and hometown I was able to piece together his life before, during, and after college and his time in the service. I learned various research and writing techniques that I still use today.

Coaching Manual

Football is one of my deepest passions so when I was presented with the opportunity to take a "Coaching Football" course at PSU I was ecstatic. I was tasked with creating a coaching manual based on if I was a position coach for a football team and how I would succeed not only on the field but overall as a coach. This was a fun project as I got to work with some of the PSU football team staff and the offensive lineman coach in particular.

Gabel Family History

For the semester-long term project, I researched my own family history reaching back 5 generations to members alive during the late 1800s! This was a fun project that proved difficult at times with a lack of online evidence of people existing but I was able to connect with both my grandfathers to learn more about these older generations and made for a memorable project.

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